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Puffins on Iceland

Puffins on Iceland.

These Puffins were photographed on Látrarbjarg cliff in the Westfjords. This cliff is the largest bird cliff in Europe and gives fantastic views over the puffins. During summer you can see them nesting, during winter they are at sea. These funny, clumsy birds had me at the first second i saw them.
They are beautiful and look a little bit like clowns. Not only from their appearance. They are also funny in behavior, while they try to land on the cliff.

You can visit Látrarbjarg while visiting the Westfjords of Iceland. You can easily spend a few nights here. I stayed two nights enjoying the puffins during the midnight sun.
We stayed at Breidavik Guesthouse near the cliffs.

Látrarbjarg is not the only place to go see puffins on Iceland. There are also other places such as Vigur island, Grímsey island and Reykhólar that are amazing spots for bird enthusiast.




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