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Travel Photography Australia – what’s in the bag

travelphotography equipment what's in the bag

Travel Photography Australia – what’s in the bag

Travel Photography Australia – What’s in the bag?

Undoubtedly the question that I get asked the most last two weeks is what camera equipment I carry with me when I go on our trip to australia.
I am a believer that the saying “the best camera is the one you have with you” is definitely true. I will absolutely be snapping pictures with my iphone, because that is just easy, fun and direct shareable with friends, family and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Maybe even with you!
For me there is no travel without taking my camera equipment. Even when it is only a body with a 50mm lens and a little more zoom in my backpack. But now we are heading to Australia.

Koala’s, kangaroos, whales and amazing (underwater!) scenery. So i bring a lot. Not all. But a lot.

And yes. That is a lot of lugging around. But it’s going to be worth it! I can’t wait to show you the photo’s on my social media and of course here on this website.

So, for all of you who are curious what i bring on this 5-week-awesome trip trough Queensland from Brisbane to Cairns:

travelphotography equipment what's in the bag


So, what’s all this? I’ll tell you what it is and why I take it.


– Nikon D750
– Nikon D3
I take these two camera’s both. Why? Because the D750 is something like 1 kilogram lighter dan the D3 and the D4. That makes a hell of a difference while I am hiking. The D3 is also traveling a long. That is because that is the camera that fits into the SPL waterhousing.


– Nikon 14-24 mm f2.8. Great for landscape photo’s
– Nikon 24-70 mm f2.8. A versatile lens for all kinds of stuff. But especially because this lens fits together with de D3 in the SPL waterhousing
– Nikon 70-200 mm f2.8. A nice zoom for all kinds of stuff. Maybe animals and people who don’t want me to get too close.
– Sigma macro 150 mm f2.8. For the creepy crawlers. I think there are a lot of them over there.
– Nikon 600 mm f4. For the animals I really can’t get close to.

– SPL waterhousing. How could I not bring this beauty with me?! I love this piece of equipment. It gets me to take my fullframe DSLR underwater so I can get high resolution images.
– Gopro. Ofcourse for under watershots and video. But also very nice to use above water. No need to worrie about size and weight. Sturdy and small, the ideal combination.And the rest:
– Tripod. To use when it is dark. To use for the 600 mm, because there is really no way I can hand-hold that thing. And also comes in handy for drying laundry.
– Tripodhead Wimberley. For the 600 mm lens.
– Batteries and cardsholder.
– Battery chargers.
– Cleaning kit. Because five weeks water and sand makes everything dirty.
– Selfiestick for Gopro. With hook to attach to divegear so I don’t loose it.
– Extra set lenscaps. Because I always seem to loose one set.
– Shoulderstrap. For easy carrying.
– Cardreader. Or else I could not show anything!

Now I can hear you think: how is she going to cramp al that in her carry-on-luggage?
The answer is I can not. Even if we devide all stuff in two carry on bags, we cannot pack it all.

The solution is Pelicase. I try to pack as much body/lenses as carry-on and the rest goes in the peli, surrounded by socks, underwear and other soft stuff. The selfiestick and tripod go in my packpack, surrounded by our wetsuits.


And off we go!
Travelling and taking pictures.

Travel Photography Australia

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  • Jester Nynke

    06.07.2015 at 19:43 Beantwoorden

    Have a wonderful trip Downunder.. Enjoy, we will enjoy your pictures.

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